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All French insurance companies, AXA included, require the policyholder to take certain measures to secure the access to his home or secondary residence. The requirements depend, among other things, on the insured amount, on the postal code and on whether it is a primary or secondary residence.
Typically, the insurance company will ask for a certain number of locks on the front door and shutters or bars on windows. In some cases an alarm system linked to a surveillance service may be required.
Failure to comply with these requirements could entail loss or reduction of indemnity.

Please also note that the policyholder is required to close shutters whenever the house is left unattended for more than 24 hours. Obviously, it makes sense to do so even during shorter periods of absence.

Also when it comes to prevention of frost damages, the policyholder is obliged to take preventive measures. If a house is left uninhabited and unheated for more than three consecutive days during the period from 15 November to 15 March, the central heating system should be emptied or secured with an anti-freeze liquid. In addition, the main water tap should be turned off when the house is left for extended periods.

"Contents" should be perceived very literally: it is what is inside your house, flat or other buildings. Very few items are covered outside your home (such as antenna, satellite dish, air conditioning unit or awning). In other words, if the weather forecast says "storm", put your garden furniture in the garage.

One out of four thefts is "inexplicable", in other words, the thief had a key. Consequently, you may consider changing the locks when taking over a house or flat or after a period of letting to persons unknown to you, i.e. through an agency. Nobody knows how many keys exist and who holds them. By the same token, always pay key copies cash, never use cheques or credit cards.

Spread your valuables around the house - do not keep everything in one place. And avoid the most obvious hiding places.

Once inside your house, the first thing the thief will look for is a suitcase or a large bag! Hide them as well.

Many burglaries take place while the occupants of the house are at home and consequently more careless. Do not leave your car keys, wallets, credit cards etc lying about just inside the front door.

Outside your home keys and personal documents should preferably be kept apart. If you loose both, the thief knows exactly where to go.

Do not hide keys in the mail box, under the door mat or any other place outside your house or flat. You will make the thief’s job a lot easier, but not only that - your indemnity will be affected as well.

Make sure you have proper documentation of the contents of your home - before the accident happens. Keep documentation separately, i.e. in a bank safe, with neighbours, friends or family. See FAQ for requirements to documentation.

Many water damages happen because household appliances are left unattended. Whenever possible, avoid using dish washer or laundry machine during absence.

If you have a chimney you are required by law to have it swept once a year. Keep the receipt – it is the first thing the loss adjuster will ask for after a fire.

Gaz de France offers all clients a free check of the gas installation in order to identify potential risks. Call 0810 163 000.

Buy a fire extinguisher and a smoke alarm. And make sure to have them serviced on a regular basis.

Tenants and flat owners should check who the insurer of the building is. AXA offers a discount in case the landlord or the owners’ association ("copropriété") is already insured by AXA. AXA has a 30% market share in France so there is a fair chance that you are lucky.


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