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Is it possible to insure a UK registered car through AXA? 

Yes, but only provided that you are an existing AXA client and in the process of re-registering the car in France. AXA will issue a cover note giving you one month’s insurance cover.

Can I transfer my no-claims bonus to France?

Yes. You need to ask your previous insurer to issue a letter stating your name, policy number, no claims bonus (measured in no. of years) and accident history. The letter does not have to be in French. French insurance companies apply a uniform bonus system and in order to get the maximum bonus you will need at least 13 years driving without claims.

How does the French no claims bonus system work?

Inexperienced drivers start with a so-called “bonus/malus” of 1.00 and pay 100% of the standard premium. For each year with no accidents, the bonus/malus is reduced by 5%. After 13 years without accidents a driver reaches the lowest bonus/malus possible (0.50) and pays only half the standard premium.

In case of an accident where you were at fault, your bonus/malus will be increased by 25%, e.g. if your bonus/malus were 0.60, it will increase to 0.75 the following year. If you were only partly at fault, the increase is limited to 12.5%. However, if your bonus/malus has been 0.50 for three years, no increase is calculated, unless you have a second accident within three years.

Unlucky drivers can take comfort from the fact that the bonus/malus is always reduced to 1.00 after two years with no accidents.

What do I do if I am involved in a traffic accident?

A special accident report (“constat amiable”) should be filled in and signed together with the driver of the other vehicle (assuming another vehicle is involved). If more than two vehicles are involved, you need to make one accident report per vehicle.

Keep cool and make sure that the report is completed as extensively and precisely as possible. Consider carefully what to respond to every single question on the form. Once the document has been signed and mailed to the insurance companies, there is no way back. Nothing can be changed or amended.

Make sure to get names and addresses of possible witnesses. Passengers in the cars involved are not valid witnesses.

If your car needs repair, you should inform us of which garage you wish to use and when it will be there for inspection. We will then contact a loss adjuster. Do not carry out any repairs before the car has been inspected by the loss adjuster.

What do I do if I am stopped by the police?

In the event of a traffic control you will be asked to produce your I.D., driving licence, the green international insurance paper (which you should have signed) and the registration document for the car (“carte grise”).

What do I do in case of theft?

Report the theft to the local police or “gendarmerie” within 24 hours and send the original report to AXA. If the car has not been found within 30 days, AXA will start handling you claim and eventually reimburse you based on a loss adjuster’s estimate of the market value of the car.

How is my car insurance premium calculated? 

The main parameters are:

  • car type, make, model, options and age
  • driver’s age, job and experience as defined by number of years holding driving licence, no claims bonus and accident history
  • use (private, job or mixed)
  • postal code
  • annual distance driven
Some of our friends borrow our house and car in France while we are on vacation. Will the insurance cover in case they have an accident with the car?

Yes. The notion of “named drivers” does not exist in France which is a major difference from British car insurance contracts. In France, the car is insured no matter who sits behind the wheel (unless specifically excluded in the contract, which is hardly ever the case). However, the excess may be increased if the driver has held a driving licence for less than three years.

When you take out cover you will be asked about regular drivers but you can lend the car on an occasional basis without special permission from the insurance company.

A friend of mine borrowed my car and had an accident. Will it affect my bonus?
  Yes. Your bonus/malus will be increased (assuming your friend were fully or partly responsible).
I want to take my car to the UK for a few weeks. Do I need authorisation or special cover from AXA to do so?
  No. Your car is automatically covered for leisure trips up to 90 days in all European countries. All you have to do is remember to bring the (signed) green proof of insurance.

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