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Why do I need insurance in France?

If you own a car or rent your accommodation you do not have a choice. While it is hardly surprising that car owners need insurance, the obligation for tenants may need some explanation:
A tenant is responsible for another person’s property and, in case of fire or water damage, the tenant is always assumed to be liable. He may be able to produce proof of the contrary but this is not always easy. Consequently, in order to protect tenants, French law insists that they take out insurance against what is called "risques locatifs".
If you own a flat, you are not obliged by law to take out in insurance, but many owners’ associations ("copropriété") require that you are covered for public liability - and any case it is highly recommended.

Can I have an insurance policy in English?

No. French is the only official language in France and a contract in English would have no legal value.

Why don't I take out insurance at my French bank?

Because you don’t buy your bread from the butcher either. The bank is just a distribution channel and the staff does not necessarily have the qualifications to advice on insurance products and handle claims. This will become painfully obvious if and when you need to make a claim.

When will I receive my indemnity?
AXA aims at paying out indemnities within 30 days of receipt of all relevant documents, including the loss adjuster’s report. In case of repair or reconstruction of a building (e.g. after a fire) the client is reimbursed on the basis of actual costs as and when they become due.
What should I do if my circumstances change and no longer correspond with the information in the contract? 

Your insurance should reflect your actual situation. If not, you may not be covered to the extent you think or you may even be paying too much. This is particularly important when it comes to motor insurance: information about new address, changed (job related) use of vehicle etc should be communicated immediately. Also your home insurance should be reviewed regularly, e.g. if you add more rooms to the house, buy additional furniture, build a pool or start letting.


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